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Dr. Zhiguo Li

Research Scientist

HW Eco Research Group

College of Ecology and environmental

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University


  • A reputed and hard work researcher who has published some papers covering broad areas of Grassland Science.

  • Participated in many successful research, development and extension projects with significant contributions to science, production and sustainability in grassland and animal husbandry.

  • Lecturer, team leader, researcher, trainer, project manager and good assistant who has lectured, taught and trained many government officials, company managers, MS and undergraduate students, extension personnel and farmers to improve their knowledge in science, management and technology in grassland and domestic animal.

  • Firsthand, deep and worldwide experiences and understandings in agricultural practices, research and development project operations and effective managements, especially in China and Canada

  • Hardworking and fast learning, but also good in teamwork and collaborations.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Love my family, work and cook food.


  • Ph.D. 2015, Grassland science, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, P.R. China.

  • Master. 2005, Grassland science, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, P.R. China.

  • Graduate. 2002, Grassland science, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, P.R. China.

  • Visitor. 2009, China Agricultural University, Beijing, P.R. China.

  • Visitor. 2010, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada.

  • Visitor. 2013, Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre(SPARC),Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada(AAFC), Canada.


  • 2005- Present, Lecturer, College of Grassland, Resource and environmental, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University.

  • 2010, Visitor, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada.

  • 2010, Supervisor, Inner Mongolia Academy of carbon sink assessment, Inner Mongolia.

  • 2010, Trainer of Australia Project in Inner Mongolia.

  • 2009, Visitor, China Agricultural University, Beijing, P.R. China.

  • 2009, Visit Australia Farm Ranch, training the Inner Mongolia Herders.

  • 2006, Participated in the project of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


  • Sustainable development of grasslands in western China (2004-2008). Australia Project.

  • Improving the rural livelihoods of Inner Mongolian sheep herders through facilitating adoption of improved livestock production and grassland management systems(2006-2008).Australia Project

  • The Response of plant primary productivity in controlling warming and  adding nitrogen fertilization in Stipa breviflora. desert steppe(30860060)(2009-2011).National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  • The carbon accumulation and transformation of different stocking rates in Stipa breviflora. desert steppe(31072783)(2011-2013);National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  • The response mechanism of soil microbial community composition and diversity of climate change (warming and drought simulation) on desert steppe.(31100330)”(2012-2014); National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  • The technology integration and demonstration of carbon sequestration and emission reduction in different types of grassland “(20091403)”(2009-2011). Department of Science and Technology of Inner Mongolia.

  •  The techno-economic paradigm of Research and Demonstration in family ranch(20080706)(2008-2009).Department of Science and Technology of Inner Mongolia.

  • The technology integration and demonstrations of Grassland solid carbon and emission reduction(2008BAD95B03)(2009-2011);The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

  • Research and demonstration on the mode of resources optimal allocation of family ranch in pastoral areas (201003019)(2010-2014)The Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China.

  • Pilot demonstration of degradation grassland restoration and sustainable use of technology in Family ranch.(2009A40073)(2010-2013);The Ministry of Science and Technology of The People’s Republic of China.

Peer Review Journal Publications

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