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The 3rd International Symposium on Environment, Natural Resources and Ecological Conservation: Sustainable High-Output Agricultural Systems – East Asia and North America Experiences (http://isenrec2016.org/ 註:點擊這裏可以進入溫哥華會議鏈接) successfully completed at Vancouver, Canada.


加拿大農業與農業食品部科研發展與技術部副主任Dr. Bruce McArthur指出:


“A number of us had the opportunity to attend the 3rd International Symposium on Environment and Development:  Sustainable High-output Agricultural Systems – East Asia and North America Experiences.  Dr. Hong Wang was a co-organizer of this symposium, which was held for the first time in North America this year, bringing researchers from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong together with those from Canada.  


Both Dr. Brian McConkey and Dr. Alan Iwaasa were keynote speakers and session co-chairs.  Sustainability in agriculture is increasingly topical and it was exciting to see the similarities and differences between how sustainability is handled on the two sides of the Pacific Ocean.  Equally exciting was finding out about  projects being undertaken by other researchers within AAFC within this domain.  In a few cases the new collaborations that were formed were not across the ocean, but across research centres.  I’m certain that going forward, many of those who attended the lectures will be forming new collaborations on new   projects.  All of this collaboration boils down to more opportunities, more projects and eventually more work for support staff.  The glory goes to the researchers, the work to the techs – or at least that is what my unit thought about new collaborations” (The Rambler A U G U S T 1 9 , 2 0 1 6).




2016年8月9日至15日,第三屆資源環境與生態保育國際研討會:可持續高產農業系統-東亞和北美的經驗(The 3rd International Symposium on Environment,Natural Resources and Ecological Conservation)在加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞大學(UBC)召開。本會議由中國環境資源與生態保育學會主辦,加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞省農業科學工作者協會(BCIA)、UBC、中科院地理科學與資源研究所、廣東省生態環境技術研究所、臺灣中國文化大學、香港中文大學、中國水土保持學會、世界水土保持協會等聯合舉辦。會議議題包括農業與水資源利用、可持續的牧草管理和畜牧業發展、土壤保持與土地利用、生態系統與數字模擬應用等方向。來自加拿大、中國大陸、臺灣和香港等地等25家大學、科研機構、學術團體60多人參加了會議。

廣東省生態環境技術研究所研究員、中國環境資源與生態保育學會理事長李定強擔任大會主席,李定強博士致開幕詞並作了大會報告:Rain Water Management under the Strategy of Sponge City Development。