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 Publications since the launch of HWERG in 2017 

Bai et al. 2020. Nitrogen increased aboveground biomass of Leymus chinensis grown in semi‐arid grasslands of inner Mongolia, China. Agronomy Journal. DOI: 10.1002/agj2.20080

St Luce et al. 2020. Diversifying cropping systems enhances productivity, stability, and nitrogen use efficiency. Agronomy Journal. 112: 1517–1536

Zhang et. al. 2018. Utilizing a multi-index decision analysis method to overall assess forage yield and quality of C3 grasses in Western Canadian Prairies. Field Crops Research 222: 12-25.

Qin et. al. 2018. Simulated adaptation strategies for spring wheat to climate change in a northern high latitude environment by DAYCENT model. European Journal of Agronomy 95: 45-56..

Isidro-Sánchez et al. 2017. Effects of seeding rate on durum crop production and physiological responses. Agronomy Journal 109: 1981-1990.

Fan et. al. 2017. Harvest index–yield relationship for estimating crop residue in cold continental climates. Field Crops Research 204: 153-157.

  With our help, a scientific paper was published   

Fu et al. 2018. Crop Protection 106: 29–33.

              Research Achivements             

"Surface crop residue reduces root heat stress and improves yields"  - 2017

Dr. Hong Wang and his colleagues' research on "Surface crop residue reduces root heat stress and improves yields" was introduced by the "Top Crop Manager", the Canadian magazine of crop production and technology.


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